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tips for surviving on a low income

Saving Money Tips: You don’t need to miss out

We are generally becoming much better at saving money and cutting back on luxuries. The days of endless cheap unsecured loans, full employment and live-now-pay-later lifestyles are well behind us, with the cold hard reality of thrift now playing an important part in most people’s lives. The trick to dealing with this is to find

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credit unions loan alternatives

Payday loans: Beware!

Payday loans are being thrust at us continuously and the continued rise in living costs combined with stagnating salaries means many families are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet each month. As a result, increasing numbers are turning to short term, high interest loans after exhausting the more traditional lines of credit.

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should i get a personal contract purchase or hire purchase agreement when buying a car?

Car Leasing Vs Car Loan

Considering getting a new car? Weighing up car leasing Vs car loan? When you’re looking to purchase a new car there are a range of options open to you. You can pay the full amount in cash, lease the vehicle or take out a car loan. If you want to finance your purchase through a

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credit score?

Can you improve your credit rating?

Are you wondering ‘can you improve your credit rating?’ Your credit score can affect your ability to successfully apply for finance products or benefit from preferential rates. However, do you know exactly how it’s calculated or the best ways of improving it? What’s a credit score? Your credit rating is used by lenders to determine how

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Business borrowing

Business Borrowing: What are the options?

Is business borrowing as difficult as it sounds? You have been dreaming up your new business venture, have a business plan that Alan Sugar would be proud of and are ready to embark on your self employed journey of a lifetime. There is just one thing standing in your way- money. Money to set your

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