Stamp Duty

affordable ownership

Government affordable home ownership schemes: What are the options?

If you’re looking to buy a property, whether as a first time buyer or a home mover, there are a number of Government backed schemes available. It can sometimes be confusing as to what applies to which type of buyer and which properties. This guide provides you with all the essential information about affordable home

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family with mortgage broker

Choosing a mortgage broker

Finding the right mortgage deal is not a quick or easy process. If you go direct to each lender it can take a long time and you won’t always get the best deals. By choosing a mortgage broker, you can research a much wider range of products in a short period of time. What services

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Choosing a home removal company

Moving house is an incredibly stressful period, there are 101 things to remember to do and little time to do it in. One of the first things to think about is figuring out how you’re going to transport your belongings from one property to the next and which home removal company you will use. It

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property buying

Buying a property

In recent years, it is has become increasingly difficult for first time buyers to get that all important first step on the property ladder. This has resulted in buyers often trying to find creative ways of bypassing their financial restrictions, such as buying in partnership with friends and family members, seeking out ex housing authority

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Stamp Duty-how much will we have to pay?

Stamp Duty- How much will we have to pay?

Don’t forget to budget for Stamp Duty Buying a house is expensive, not only are house prices considerably higher than in previous years but the added fee’s in order to make the purchase can soon add up. One such fee that many people forget to take into consideration is stamp duty, or land tax as

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