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Financial help fo single parents

Financial help for single parents

If you’re a single parent you don’t have to struggle financially. Depending on your personal circumstances, there is a variety of financial help for single parents. It’s important to check your entitlement if your circumstances change, as you may be eligible for more than you realise. Income Support If you’re not available to work due

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benefit help for single working parents

Benefit help for single working parents

As a single working parent, it is helpful to know that there are benefits available to help you. Some benefits are designed specifically for single working parents, but there are also benefits that can also be accessed by others too. It is important to remember that as your financial and family circumstances change, so may

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managing your money more efficiently

How to budget on a low income

When cash is tight it’s important to keep an eye on your budget. Careful organisation is required to avoid getting into debt and there are a few easy steps on how to budget on a low income and  keep your bank balance in the black. Own your Budget Watching the Chancellor deliver his budget every

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tax credits

Benefits for Working Parents

Wondering if there are any Government benefits for working parents? If you already work or are returning after a break, you’ll be glad to know that there is help available to you – on both a financial and practical level. Knowing what benefits for working parents are available can seem like a minefield, but it pays to know

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tips for surviving on a low income

Tips for surviving on a low income

If you’re trying to survive on a low income, then simply getting by each week can be a significant challenge. This is not about saving a few pennies, it is about making sure that you and your family are able to tackle the fundamentals, like paying the bills and eating. There are a few things that can

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Worried couple

Benefits you may be entitled to claim

Many working parents are simply too busy juggling kids and a job on top to realise that they may not be claiming everything they’re entitled to. Millions of benefits actually go unclaimed every year, because potential claimants are either unaware of the schemes that they’re eligible for, assume that they don’t qualify because they’re in

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