Am I being tight?

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    Me and my husband often butt heads when it comes to money. A few years ago we faced really financial difficulty, missed repayments, got into debt. I’ve since taken control of our bank and budget accordingly. We’ve managed to pay off all our credit cards, 2 loans and manage to put away a very small amount each month. I like to know we have a bit of a buffer if we have an emergency.

    The only way we’ve managed to take control is because I’ve been strict with what we spend. I’ll happily buy budget coke where as hubby thinks nothing of spending £10 on 5 energy drinks and tells me to stop being tight as we’re not skint!
    We’re not skint anymore because I’ve been tight and am scared of getting back into the situation we were in before. Is it wrong just to have a little control or should I lighten up a little?!



    I totally agree with you, there is nothing wrong with putting a little aside.

    It should be a great feeling to know you have back-up if anything were to happen.



    I agree, I feel more relaxed knowing I’ve got a savings pot. I think you should always treat yourself now and again but if he wants to treat himself to nice stuff all the time you will end up in debt again. Why not compromise and save up for something for the both of you or even give him an amount of his own ‘spending money’ to spend on his energy drinks if he likes!!



    I don’t think you’re being tight at all, just sensible. Sounds like you’ve worked really hard to clear your debts and you don’t want to go there again. It’s nice to feel you can reward yourself a bit too sometimes though. If you have a little spare, why not give each other “pocket money” each week or month. We used to do this after all the bills and savings pot were accounted for. Even if we only had enough to give ourselves a fiver it felt special knowing we could choose to spend it on whatever we wanted without feeling guilty, or having to justify it.



    I think you’re right to take control. It can be so easy to slip into debt so far you can’t get out. The odd treat every so often is ok, but you’ve worked hard to stay on top of things, it would be a shame to let it slip again.



    Sounds like you are doing the right thing to me. Otherwise where does it stop? You’d soon end up in debt again if he carried on like that without thinking.



    thanks everyone, nice to know you don’t think i’m being some spending hitler! He has got a bit better these last few weeks and will say things like ‘am I OK to get this’ but I think I’ll do the ‘spending money’ thing. At least I know his credit rating is so poor he couldn’t go getting any credit cards or loans out! I can understand he might feel a bit childish having me control the money and him ask, but there’s no way I want us to get back into debt again when we’ve finally paid it off!!



    You are not tight, you are responsible! We all have to take control of our finances now and again as it can quite easily spiral out of control. If I were you I would continue to budget and save that little bit every month, good for you! As for your Husband calling you tight, get him to have a go at what you have been doing for 1 month and see how the finances fare then. Well done Tori!



    Well done to you. I think you have been really sensible regarding your finances. It’s hard sometimes when we all work so hard but still we can’t spend our hard earned cash on whatever we please! It makes me sad really as most working class people work so hard and would like to be able to spend their cash on what they want. Shame the people on benefits don’t adopt your attitude too!

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