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    Our favourite day out is the annual hoppings on The Town Moor outside of Newcastle.
    This is a large fair with all of the attractions.
    The reason we enjoy it so much, is that it is within travelling distance of all our family members.
    It is the only excursion that we all attend at the same time .. and there is a lot of us!



    Going out for a bicycle ride with our two youngest Grandchildren who are aged 5 and 7. We love to go to the East Coast and cycle up the promenades. What more can you ask for fresh air and exercise. Oh and a candy floss on the way home if they have been good.



    I would say Blackpool! something to suit all ages and a must is to visit blackpool tower. So much to do for a whole day in there. Travel to the top of the Tower and admire the amazing views of Blackpool & the sea, and don’t forget to stand on the glass floor if you DARE! The circus is Brilliant everyone loved it especially the finale. Jungle Jim’s play area is great to tire the kids out and plenty of delicious food to eat in the cafe. Have a look at the Ballroom it is Beautiful. There’s also The Dungeon, Tussauds & sealife centre! All in all a full day of entertainment & especially if its raining and my advice if you choose to visit would be to buy the Blackpool big ticket online as it’s half the price of paying on the door!

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    Legoland is a favourite of ours as my daughter is big enough to go on everything. We don’t go often, so it’s very much a treat, but we would definitely go more if we could xXx



    Our best day ever was when we went to Isle of Wight. We found a nice, sandy and quiet beach and spend there whole day playing games, badminton and making sandcastles. I took like a million of photos and 3 years on when we look at them everyone says “ahhhh” the best time ever!



    My favorite day out :, one normal weekend when we can be all 3 togeder and My little 3 year old can enjoy her daddy. We go in the park to see the dears and that amusses her a lot. Then we will feed the duck and that is sometimes very special too :). For me my favorite day out is when we went to Cornwall and we went to Blue Reef Aquarium- she said she ejoyed the most, and for about 3 times when she got to the end she ask her dad to go again. In the end she seen the 35 year old turtle beeing feed. and she explain to me all the details afterwods. One of the other days we went to Newquei Zoo, and she really enjoy it. I would love to be able to aford to take her in more places and this would be a fantastic oportunity :).



    I have to say we love a visit to CHessington World of Adventures. The park is suitable for families so nothing too extreme and there’s rides from the tame to the Vampire for the thrill seekers. It’s not too big so you can get around it in one day and be satisfied you’ve had the chance to go on everything. There’s also a good selection of eateries and other attractions including the aquarium



    Our very favourite day out is to Warwick Castle as it keeps everyone entertained and happy. For the pure castle enthusiast Warwick Castle is fabulous, you can climb the ramparts (brilliant for keeping fit as there are

      a lot

    of steps, join a tour to see around a Victorian Country weekend, visit a princess for story time or have a peek at the dungeons.

    There is a huge amount of entertainment included in the entrance price. There are bird of prey displays, jousting, war machine demonstrations and a lot of amusement from the horrible History team.

    There is food and drink available to buy but there are fabulous places that you can eat a picnic. The gift shops are fairly reasonably priced and the kids were happy with their toy swords.

    For a working parent this is an ideal day out, a full days entertainment in a fairly small area and it successfully combines the feel of a stately home with an amusement park.



    We love LongLeat Safari it has something for everyone, animals, playpark, Maze, gardens, boat trip and seals and even postman pat. There is a four year age gap between my two children but they both love it here, even as they grow older. The kids love to cheer my husband on to drive though the monkey enclosure which he does but always regrets it when having to buy new windshield wipers. Don’t let that put you off It absolutely lovely and by far the best family day out without rides.



    I have every other weekend off work and on my Saturdays off I will always get the bus into town with my son and go to the early screening of whichever kids movie is on at the cinema. Afterwards we go to the best chip shop in town and take them to the park to eat. If the weathers good we will play with a bat and ball and enjoy the sun, if the weathers bad we go to the local museum and have a coffee in the cafe. Before going home we nip into the library and choose a couple of books each.We have great quality time together and it costs very little. This has been our tradition since my son was 3, he is 11 now! I dread the day when he no longer wants to come out with me on my Saturday off.



    Our favourite family fun day is at LEGOLAND, my kids loved it there, also my big kid (husband) loved the lego everywhere. Driving the lego cars and getting a driving licence was fun, It was a warm sunny day so also took swim gear and cooled off in Duplo Valley, great memories from a fab day.



    Our favourite family day out is one where we are all together. It could be a Sea Life Centre, which my youngest son loves; a theme park, which my oldest son prefers; the beautiful views from the London Eye, my personal favourite; or even a day at the London Dungeon, which my husband enjoys most.
    With so many different interests, and the struggles of finding time between work and school, it’s sometimes difficult to find the perfect time and place to go – but as long as we are together that is our favourite family day out.



    My favourite day out was a trip to Blackpool on a very sunot day with my 4 year old daughter, Nancy. She rode on a donkey, we played on the 2p machines, collected seashells,ate donuts and fish and chips, climbed the tower and braved the waltzers! Such a great day šŸ™‚



    I love days out to most places, the seaside, zoo’s and safari parks and of course theme parks. I love Blackpool Pleasure Beach because it brings back memories of being a child as we used to go to Pontins in Blackpool every September the 1st weekend after school started, it was amazing. The atmosphere in Alton Towers is also amazing and I love going there for 2 days and spending a night in one of their hotels. My 5 year old has now decided that she is an adrenaline junkie and would happily go on the biggest, fastest and scariest ride that there is….good job she had her dad who will go on them with her as I am a big wimp šŸ™‚ Our 2 oldest (aged 9 & 10) would happily go anywhere for a day out but they also really love Alton Towers and Chessington World of Adventures šŸ™‚



    Our favourite family day out is collecting fossils and sharks teeth in Beltinge, Herne Bay in Kent. When the tide is out if you put your wellies on and wade out into the mud and pebbles you can often find all sorts of fossils including lots of cool fossilised sharks teeth. My kids like to attach the teeth to leather and wear them as necklaces. And as an added bonus this fun day out is free!

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