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    Our favourite family day out is a trip to Hunstanton. It’s a lovely seaside town that has something for everyone.
    We love taking a walk along the cliff top to the lighthouse before walking (or running) back to town to the pirate adventure golf! It’s brilliant fun and we always end up with tears running down our face from laughing!
    After a picnic on the beach or fish and chips, we have a quick go in the arcades, which is never really quick as my eldest seems to have an endless supply of 2ps!
    We then end of the trip by getting an ice cream before heading back to the car.




    Our favourite day out is Thetford Forest. At High Lodge you can hire bikes for a few hours or the day. There is a playground for the big and little kids to play on! There is a large green space suitable for football, frisbee or picnics. On summer days they often have extras such as a climbing wall. If you are feeling really brave there is GoApe too, which we’ve not done yet. We love it because there is something that appeals to everyone there.



    My favourite day out is Abbey Gardens in Bury St Edmunds. There is always so much to do there, you could never get bored. The gardens are beautiful all year round. There’s an area where you can look at animals in the large aviaries that are there. There’s a sensory garden, a small water garden, pitch and putt, a lovely children’s play area (which now has sand and water areas too) and my favourite bit, which is all the ruins, which you can walk about and explore. I love watching the birds and squirrels running around. It’s such a happy place to be. It’s also so close to the town centre that you can enjoy a bit of shopping and/or a meal out too.



    Warwick Castle, the day out for me,
    Jousting and knights and horses, you see,
    A medieval building, the best in the land,
    Hawks swooping down to land on your hand,
    Jesters abound to joke and play,
    Not forgetting the giant trebuchet,
    Sending a fireball into the sky,
    Reminding us of battles in days gone by,
    Nowhere else gives you quite that thrill,
    Family entertainment – top of the bill!



    A day out at a park or a beach with a picnic, outdoor games and lots of sunshine!



    My favourite day out with my family is at the annual scarecrow festival in Kettlewell. We take a picnic, paddle in the river and follow the scarecrow trail. I have been taking my children for the last 15 years and toddlers, tweens and teenagers all oenjoy it. It’s a firm family favourite in my house and does not cost much attention all.



    We have had many FAB Merlin days out but my favourite Family Day Out has got to be to Alton Towers, although we are greedy and never just go for the one day, it would be rude to go to Alton Towers and not stay in one of the hotels or the Enchanted Village. I love Alton Towers because the atmosphere there is just amazing, last year we went to Scarefest and the atmosphere was electric! The staff are so friendly and eager to help, you can actually have a conversation with them and walk away thinking, ‘how did that chat just come about’ they put you at ease and make having a conversation so natural, as if they want to talk. The grounds and the gardens there are stunning although for the kids they are a bit much to get down to and back up from but that’s not a problem as myself and my partner have taken quite a few 2 day trips to Alton Towers without the kids (gasp) and have managed to relax in the sun in the picturesque scenery. The rides are fantastic and aimed at all ages and the food there is lovely, my favourite place to eat is the Towers Bar and Grill during the day and then Flambo’s in the Splash Landings hotel at night. There’s not a part of Alton Towers that I could pick as my favourite as it is all a whole experience, the whole day/night there is just fab and to be honest even as a grown up it is magical and relaxing while still being fun packed and fast paced. šŸ™‚ That’s why it’s my favourite day out.



    Our favourite family day out is going to our local steam rally. They have a vintage fairground, tractor pulling, vehicle displays and recently added a railway track and have a full size locomotive to run up and down it. Also lots of local food being sold. The best thing is kids go free!



    Our recent family trip to The Deep in Hull was fabulous. All three generations were captivated by the huge tanks and the variety of sea creatures. My children were mesmerised when travelling in the underwater lift and walking through the giant tunnel, but the highlight for all of us was definitely watching the sharks being fed. When the diver waved to my daughter, it made her day!

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    My favourite family day out is to Rufford abbey country park in Nottinghamshire. Theres so much to do there. We usually have a look around the Abbey Ruins when we arrive then head down to the Orangery and the little hidden maze. Then we’ll have a picnic and the kids will play football. We love to go when they have special events on like Falconry. After lunch we’ll head to the lake to feed the ducks, the kids will ride their scooters and look for rabbits and squirrels in the hedge… we normally see at least one or the other… once we saw one of the ‘chatting’ as our 5 year old said. Around the other side of the lake is a mill with a lovely ice cream parlour… that is a must. We’ll head back around the lake and spend little bit of time on the park. ITs great as we can spend the whole day their and (not including drinks + ice creams) its just Ā£3 parking!



    The thrills & spills of an Alton Towers stay,
    a special treat which would make our day!
    Loop the loop of the Nemesis ride,
    Brave the Haunted Hollow – there’s nowhere to hide!
    Splashing Congo River Rapids riding the wave,
    Nearly getting soaked – what a close shave!
    Or zooming up high on The Blade swinging ship,
    Shouting ‘Shiver me Timbers’ as down we dip.
    Riding grand horses on Gallopers Carousel,
    Or admiring the views from the Mono Rail.
    A break from the routine of everyday life,
    A fun filled day of exhilarating delight!

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    Our families favourite day this year was to Trethorne Leisure Park, Cornwall.
    It’s well run, very affordable ( you can even take your own food ) and fills a day whatever the weather. There are animals, boats, pony rides, soft play and more. All three of my children aged 5, 8 & 9 beg to go all the time.



    It is going to London with my son So many different foods to try and cultures .If were not going to visit London dungeon or zoo We are heading to Thorpe park to spend the day making ourselves scream until our belly hurts.
    I love all the Adventure london has to offer and the world it opens up to my son.

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    My daughter’s is happy to go anywhere where there are animals..she loves feeding ducks..stroking deers..therefore our favorites are visits to farms or zoo!



    My best day out with my family was a day out at Great Yarmouth. There is always something to do come rain or shine.

    The beach is lovely and sandy which is great for my six year old, who loves building sandcastles. We all love
    going to the pleasure beach just buy a wristband and you can ride the rides all day. There are lots of lovely restaurants and cafes in the town, but when you go to the seaside you have to have fish and chips. There are lots
    of lovely places to eat. Lots of amazing things to do and we had the best day out and everyone had a smile on there
    face at the end of the day.

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