Autumnal Tableware

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    Get set for entertaining by making your tableware the talk of the dinner party!


    Make napkin rings from real conkers. Drill a hole through each one and tie thin strips of leather or ribbon through and around your napkin. This provides a natural feel to your table. Place a bowl of conkers in the centre of your table to set them off.



    Try finding old napkin rings and cutlery, these add individuality to any table. These can be found at car boot sales, antique shops and the like.


    Country Feel

    Try adding chunky wooden candlesticks to your table, finished off with old milk bottles stuffed with flowers. This adds a country affect to any home.



    If you don’t have a candle holder, why not place candles into coloured tumblers? You could add long candles that would lean against the the side (adding an extra finish), or use tea lights.


    Jam it up

    Pop tea lights into empty jam jars, try adding old netting to the outside of the jar too! I love this look in autumn and winter.


    Leafy Tea

    Make the most of falling leaves and dying flowers. Arrange them in a teapot and make them the centre piece of your table!

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