Babies and Cats – safety tips

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    It’s not fair to abandon a family pet just because you have a new baby in the house, but many parents are afraid their cat will harm their baby in some way. Here are some useful tips to help them live in harmony:

    Introduce the baby to the cat – allowing the cat to smell baby’s clothes can get her used to the scent, and feeding and playing with your cat just before the baby arrives home can stop her feeling left out. Allow her to sniff the baby, and keep the interaction calm, rewarding kitty with a treat if the meeting passes well.

    Keep your cat’s routine – keeping things the same around your cat will help her feel secure, and reduce the chances of her seeing baby as a threat. Allow “lap” time, and make the time for play and feeding etc, as much as you used to. IF there are places your cat used to use in the house that are no longer allowed (baby’s bedroom, for example) try to establish the new regime long before the baby arrives

    Visitors – cats can get worked-up if your house suddenly becomes full of visitors. Make sure she has a safe and peaceful place to hide-out

    Security – you can teach your baby as he grows how to respect your cat, and what behaviours are safe and acceptable around her. In the meantime, never intentionally leave your baby alone with the cat. Screen doors for the nursery, and a protective net for the cot may be advisable in the short-term. Cats love to snuggle against anything warm, but this can be dangerous for your baby.



    Solid advice.

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