Baby Blues and Post Natal Depression

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    An average of 80% of new mothers go through the “baby blues” phase, normally three or four days after the birth. You may feel very anxious about the slightest little things, it may mild depression or you may feel like busting into tears for no reason.

    Baby blues may be caused by hormone changes, tiredness, discomfort or experiencing a feeling of anti-climax now that all the excitement has gone. Usually this will only linger for a few days, have a good cry if you need to and try to sleep when you can.

    The best help for this is having a supportive partner, relative of friend around you. Get them to listen and give you hugs and reassurance, oh an help with the housework. You need to give yourself treats to make yourself feel better, your favourite food, a long relaxing bath or a day out shopping.

    Around 10% of women slip into a deep depression, they are overcome by a feeling of hopelessness. The simplest of tasks may seem exhausting or unbearable. They may swing from being angry to exhausted. If this sounds familiar then you should seek advice from our midwife of GP.

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