Baby Wipes can spark allergic reaction

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    I’m not one for scaremongering, but I think this is worth noting. Baby wipes can apparently cause quite a severe allergic reaction in some little ones, and this is often misdiagnosed as eczema or some other type of rash.

    The offending chemical preservative is called methylisothiazolinone (MI) and is found in lots of other beauty products too and there have been an increasing number of cases where MI has found to be the cause of horrible rashes in some people who have used products containing it, adults and children alike.

    Research done by the School of Medicine at the University of Connecticut on six children with severe rashes, found that wipes were found to be a significant cause of the irritation, and when parents stopped using them the rash went away. The study did stress that instances were relatively rare.

    Even so, with two kids who seem to have quite sensitive skin I’ve made a note of this and although I would still use wipes it would be something I’d look at if they started to get skin irritations.

    Maybe just one to log away in case?

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