Bad Mothers

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    God, I have just read the news piece on here about the mother who stole her daughters ‘rape’ compensation! What a wicked cow she is, not only has her poor daughter been subjected to the most appalling crime at such a young age, she has now lost her money that was entrusted to her mother for safe keeping until she was of age.

    I hope that evil bitch gets what she deserves and her daughter has a happier life without her in it!



    Bloody hell what is wrong with people! If any child says they have been attacked or worse still raped you would go mad and protect the child with your life. To then steal from her own daughter who’s poor life is totally wrecked now is beyond me! She is a bloody disgrace and should not be able to have or see her children again, not that this poor girl will want to see that thieving, scumbag again. I hope in time she can rebuild her life, i’m sure she will do a better job not having her in it!



    Some people really don’t deserve children do they!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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