Boost male fertility via your diet

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    New research has shown that changes to the male diet can make a significant contribution to the success of conception. Low or poor quality sperm count is known to be the source of problems for about 20 percent of couples trying to conceive in the UK, and a contributory factor in a further 25 percent of cases.

    According to the study findings, along with losing weight, quitting smoking and limiting alcohol intake, men can improve their sperm count by improving their diet and eating more carrots and fish, along with the usual increase in fruit and veg. Sweet potatoes and melon were found to help too, but to a lesser extent.

    So grilled fish and carrot puree anyone??!



    Ha, trying to get MOH to munch a raw carrot is nearly impossible, but will try to sneak some puree into some soup or something. May just help?!! Frankly, will try anything!!

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