Child minder Nightmare

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    I am totally horrified to leave my kids with a child minder, yes they may have more qualifications than me in that field but the stories you hear about really drives me potty.

    I just cannot trust anyone other than my immediate family, I wouldn’t even trust my friends to look after my kids.

    Is this some kind of phobia or do others feel the same way as me?



    I couldn’t leave my son with a stranger. That’s just me. I don’t blame people who have to as they have no choice but to return to work but if you can leave your child with a friend or family member, that would be my preference.



    I feel the same, I had to put my kids into nursery full time when I returned to work. It was more expensive than a childminder but personally I felt more comfortable with them being in a nursery with loads of other kids and lots of staff rather than in the care of just one person. It’s a huge decision trusting a stranger with your children so its definitely not just you, I think any parent who wasn’t worried wouldn’t be normal!



    I’m totally with you on this, and I just don’t get it when parents have a choice but opt to put their child with a nursery or childminder when they don’t need to. I really feel for those who have no choice, it’s the hardest thing finding someone to trust. You don’t have a phobia, you’re just a decent, caring parent šŸ™‚

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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