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    Does the thought of talking gibberish to your baby make you cringe? Well, you may want to rethink that. Research has proven that babbling back to your baby, helps them to talk quicker!

    US academics have undertaken a new study at the University of Iowa (UI) and Indiana University, it the results shows evidence that speaking to infants at a very early age is vital for their development.

    Julie Gros-Louis, senior study author assistant professor of psychology at the UI, said ‘It’s not that we found responsiveness matters. It’s how a mother responds that matter.’

    Researchers observed the interactions between 12 mothers and their 8 month-old children during free play, twice a month for half an hour over a six-month period.

    They took notes on how the mum responded to their child’s positive vocalisations, like babbling and cooing, especially when it was aimed toward the mother.

    Julie Gros-Louis said; ‘The infants were using vocalisations in a communicative way, in a sense, because they learned they are communicative.’

    A month after the study ended, they carried out a survey on the mothers. The mothers who were most attentive to their children’s babbling reported that their children produced more words and gestures at the age of just 15 months.

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