Cost of childcare up by 19% in the last year

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    How can this be?! The government want people to get out to work, but if it’s not economically viable it just ain’t going to happen is it? The Coalition promised to offer £1200 tax free childcare pa for families earning up to £150k pa, but if affordable childcare in the local area isn’t available what can you do?

    In France where I live good childcare is mercifully cheap, but in rural areas not always available. You can put your children in school here full time from the age of 2.5 (into a kind of kindergarten that is halfway between nursery and school), and many parents do. We are fortunate in that both my husband and I are self-employed, so choose instead to organise our working week over 6 (very long) days that enables us to accommodate childcare too, but most parents don’t the luxury of that choice. I know we couldn’t afford childcare in the UK.

    What are your experiences? What do you think is the answer?



    Oh don’t get me started on this! It is a constant headache! Finding affordable childcare is so hard, and making sure it is good quality is even more difficult. We often fall back on friends and grandparents, especially in the hols. You are lucky being able to juggle your time like that.



    I’ve just enrolled my eldest with a nursery and the cost is pretty reasonable, but still makes a dent in the weekly budget. I know these places have to make a living, and with all the extra pressure placed on them with legislation and stuff it can’t be easy, but it would help if there were more subsidies.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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