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    Anyone suffer with Diabetes?

    I thought Diabetes was just “No more sweets allowed” until I realised a family member had it.

    It totally controls your life and causes so much pain and misery.

    It can even lead to amputations!

    My family member is not fat and never has been but suffers from type II – normally attributed to obesity, he has to watch absolutely everything he eats.

    The Carb content in foods has to be monitored as this turns to glucose in your system, then this raises your blood sugar levels.

    What effects have you noticed as a sufferer or as an onlooker?

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    I have diabetes and can confirm it is an awful disease.

    There isn’t enough information out there about this silent killer.

    Yes you are totally dependent on low-carb foods, unless you don’t care and it leaves you irritated, moody and depressed.

    I only have to be in a car or plane for a few hours and my temperature has rocketed plus I feel sick with feelings of passing out.

    It’s a tough disease and causes so much pain and misery, not only to sufferers but to their families too.

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