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    I’ve got a whole load of baby girls and boys clothes that I don’t know what to do with. None of my family or friends needs them, and I can’t get my head around selling them on ebay here – I live in France, and it’s probably not worth the effort. We have a lot of English stuff and the French buyers tend to stick to their own brands!

    So, I thought I’d give the best ones away to charity, but they don’t have many shops over here either, and the clothes bins in the supermarket car parks look dodgy.

    #losing the will to live … lol!

    I can bring some over to the UK when I come to visit family in the Autumn, but where’s the best place to donate them? It would be nice to think that someone can benefit from them, like most kids ours grew out of many of them after only a few wears, it seems such a shame!

    Any ideas gratefully received??! Or am I on a hiding to nothing?! Or does anyone want them????!



    Hi Cally,

    It must be wonderful living in France!

    Anyway back to the topic, I donate our unwanted items to the British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research shops in our High Street.

    I never use “bins” because like you say, they look dodgy.

    We have had donation bags through the door before, we packed our gear in thinking it was going to a deserving cause, then we realise some “dodgy geezer” down the road was ferrying the bags around…he was only wearing one of the expensive coats!

    We only donate through shops now, we can see exactly what their like before we decide to donate šŸ™‚



    Hey Kelsey-Marie, thanks for the reply – how awful is that with the dodgy geezer and the donation bags?! I suppose you could argue he had needs of his own, but even so …

    Cheers for the advice, we’ve been away 9 years so a bit out of touch! France is lovely but culturally very different, it can warp your sense of reality, lol!




    You could also join local groups through facebook (if you’re on it) and offer them on there šŸ™‚



    Thanks Jordan, that’s a good idea. I am on FB and have actually just joined a local group but didn’t think of it – doh! Not exactly a social-media-guru! Appreciate the nudge!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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