Family is scamming us out of inheritance

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    My husband and I are due some inheritance from his nan who passed away earlier this year. The money is coming from the sale of her house which is 200 miles away from where we live. The trouble is, another family member is the only executor of the will and already we’re unsure of her motives. There are 4 other family members all due an equal amount from the house and bank accounts but the aunt that is the executor is telling everyone different amounts of what is in bank accounts, how much fee’s are etc, at one point she even said she found a letter saying that everything that was in the bank accounts would go to her, despite the will saying it’s an equal split. I know she’s legally bound to ensure the will is adhered to and we can get a break down of everything in probate, but what if she takes more? She’s already told the solicitor to pay everything to her and she will split it and write cheques out.
    Would we have to take civil action against her and pay to take her to court?



    Eek! She sounds a bit dodgy doesn’t she? Firstly, unless this ‘letter’ was registered at the solicitors alongside the will, then it holds no clout. Anyone could make up a letter, it doesn’t over-ride the will.
    Does she know that you can request a full breakdown of everything that’s been in probate? She might not be too clever and presume because she’s the executor, she can do as she pleases. Maybe if she knows her legal position/responsibilities can be questioned, she might be a little more open and honest.

    If I were you, I’d play dumb and ask her a few questions, drop in about the breakdown but say in a way like ‘oh don’t worry about having to keep tabs on everything, when we get the breakdown of probate, it will have everything in that’ and see if you all get the amount you should. If not, then take legal advice as by not carrying out the wishes in a will she would be in contempt of court and could be charged. Maybe just the thought that someone is onto her might stop her in her tracks.

    All very sad when people get greedy over money. good luck! x



    Has anything further happened with this yet? I agree with emfish – call her up and ask a few questions but make out that you don’t know much, or that you’re looking out for everyone’s interest and want to make sure the solicitors are doig their job and she’s getting the right advice. She sounds like a right un!



    Well as we suspected, she’s helped herself to a little more than she should! We got a copy of the probate forms which just gave a total value of the estate. We know what the house sold for and had a rough idea of how much the other assets totalled (around £75k). However, despite claiming she’s so confused by the whole process and how she’s relying on her solicitor for everything, she advised the solicitor that the total monies should be paid directly to her and she would then write cheques for the other family members….(why not let the solicitor just write out cheques for equal amounts?) and then when the cheques came, they were only for the equal amounts for the house sale – looks like she’s helped herself to the £75k in the banks, just as we suspected! Don’t get me wrong my hubby and I have received a nice sum and £18k that is missing isn’t a major some in comparison, however, it’s a bloody lot of money and I hate the fact that someone has so blatently screwed family members out of money and thinks she’s got away with it!
    I’m more than happy to call her up and say I know exactly what she’s done, get her to do a breakdown of probate which she’d legally have to provide and ask a few pertinent questions, but other family members don’t want to ‘rock the boat’ and cause a huge family argument! I mean, why the hell would you not want to upset someone that’s helped themselves to an extra £75k!!



    Oh Dear! This exact thing happened to my Mum a few years ago, her mum died who lived about 50 miles away from us, my Mum’s youngest sister had been dealing with her finances. Before my Nan died she drafted a letter to my mum and her elder sister who lives in Australia saying that she wanted the money (there was only a small amount) and the house sale to be split 3 ways between the sisters. Up until this day my Mum and her sister have seen nothing!

    My Aunt has been greedy and kept all of the proceeds herself, she will not speak to my Mum or her sister now. The letters my Nan wrote had no legal binding, they were wrote in good faith, she wanted her three daughters to receive something after she had gone. It’s a really upsetting time for everyone involved, you can never trust anybody where money is involved, even family. People change when money is mentioned and become really greedy. I would urge everyone to get something legal written out like a will, letters or scraps of paper don’t stand up legally. It’s a shame people have to resort to greed. My Mum is devastated at what my Aunt did to her and her sister, not because of the money, because she thought she’s my sister!!!

    Beware everyone these things do happen all the time



    I wouldn’t give a toss what anyone else thinks, I’d be calling her up telling her to write out some more cheques before you have her investigated and taken to court! Why the hell should she help herself to thousands even if it isn’t a huge sum in comparison? And JONES, that’s awful what happened in your family. People show their true colours if there’s a sniff of a few quid don’t they?



    You are right Mrs Turner, it just goes to show how people get that carried away with being greedy, they forget about what is really important! I would put family first over money any day, shame a lot wouldn’t!!



    I can’t believe she’s done that!! How can some people live with themselves? It makes me sick! Please make sure you let her know you know exactly what she’s done and that you’ll be making sure she doesn’t get away with it. If she’s not having sleepless nights already, maybe the thought of being investigated will make her uneasy



    Greedy Cow! Give her a call and let her know that you all KNOW what she has done. She has stolen that money and it should be paid back!!!

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