Finding time for extra curricular stuff

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    As a single parent it can be hard to find time to help your child engage in those extra-curricular activities that seem to be so popular. You are so busy trying to juggle work/home/childcare that swimming classes may well be last on your list. I personally don’t think kids suffer if they are “missing out” on activities like these – they are busy at school and too much stimulation can be a bad thing, but it can be nice for them to feel involved in something if all their friends are. So, how to find the time to ferry them about? Quite simply, you don’t.

    You learn to ask for the help of others. Most parents are willing to herd another little one to an activity and drop them back home if only you’d ask, and if you don’t like putting on people then offer something in return, like taking their child for a few hours at the weekend, for example. Independence and pride can be hard to manage, but ask yourself if you’d help someone out in the same situation – chances are, you would. I’ve seen this in action, and experienced it myself, so I know it works.

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