Green-fanged poisonous spider invasion

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    Green-fanged poisonous spider invasion

    Uneasy about spiders? It’s a bit late now you’ve clicked into this, you probably wish there wasn’t a big spider lurking at you now huh?

    Due to the warmer than usual weather the UK has been blessed with, it has attracted invasions of horrible little spiders. One of which is the green-fanged spider, which is indeed poisonous. One family in Southampton had an invasion of 50 of these little monsters outside of their family home.

    The spiders have shiny green fangs, furry bodies up to an inch long, and deliver a nasty stinging bite which can cause pain for several hours.

    These spiders are among Europe’s largest spider which have recently invaded various British towns including Bristol, Gloucester, Dover, Whitstable, Canterbury and Sheffield.

    These spiders stay out of your way in the day, but come out at night – so you may want to sleep with one eye open!

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