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    Babies need to eat twice as much shop-bought food to get the same energy and protein as they get from home-cooked meats,say researchers.
    Products made by firms including Cow and Gate,Heinz and Ella’s Kitchen,have far fewer nutrients than food prepared at home,the study found.
    Many contain high levels of sugar and some are promoted for use from four month old-a time when babies should still be on a diet of milk according to NHS guidelines.
    The study,by the university of Glasgow and reported in archives of disease in childhood,said around 50g of a soft family food could supply ‘the same amount of energy and protein’as 100g of ready-made baby food.



    That’s actually quite shocking! They promote all this wonderful stuff about their foods being a healthy option and then pack them with sugar?! They’re not cheap either a lot of the time. I cook for my two at home when I can, always have, but not everyone has the time/inclination to do that – you’d think popular brands would be able to provide a better alternative wouldn’t you.

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