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    Here is a guide on how to get your home greener than it already is.

    Save energy and save money too

    Set the heating/thermostat slightly lower in the winter and higher in the summer
    Use fluorescent light bulbs, these give 95% more heat off than energy
    Remove items off standby when not in use
    Wash clothes in cold water as 85% of the energy used in a washing machine is used to heat the water
    Use a drying rack or washing line to dry clothes

    Save water and money too

    Shorter showers result in lower water and heating bills too
    Low-flow shower heads minimise the water wastage

    Minimum petrol saves you money too

    Walk or cycle wherever possible

    Eating to save

    Try to cook from scratch, meals can be frozen down and heated again


    Skip buying the bottled water, these bottles generate a lot of waste – buy a water purifier
    Carry your own reusable water bottle – not plastic


    Check out second-hand or sales before you need to buy something

    The borrowers

    Hire books from your library instead of buying


    Donate your unused mobiles, printer cartridges, clothes etc to donation banks of charity shops instead of throwing away

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