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    Jaundice is very common in babies because their livers are immature. Treatment sees the baby being undressed and placed under a bright light with a soft mask over their eyes. This may continue for several days with breaks for feeding, until the baby is fully cleared.

    In some cases if the jaundice gets worse, a blood transfusion may be needed – but this is rare. Some babies have jaundice because of liver disease and will require different treatment. A blood test will be carried out prior to treatment to determine if your baby has liver disease.

    Many babies are jaundice for up to a fortnight after the birth, this is common among breastfed babies and usuallly does no harm.

    Yellowing in the whites of the eyes
    Yellowing inside the mouth
    Yellowing on the soles of the feet
    Yellowing on the palms of the hand

    Other symptoms:
    poor sucking or feeding
    a high-pitched cry
    dark urine
    pale stools



    Jaundice can look really scary. My daughter suffered mildly from it and it terrified me! When I look back at photos of her first few days I can see how yellow her skin was! She was fine though, but it’s one more thing to worry about isn’t it?!

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