Keep warm without heating

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    Autumn is on its way, so here are a few tips to keep you warm without having to turn the heating on!

    Heat escapes through the windows, so close the curtains.

    Hot Water Bottles are great at warming your hands, feet and body.

    Put on the extra layers.

    Put on a hat, heat escapes through your head.

    Eat hearty meals such as soup to warm your insides.

    Dissolve that draught, use a draught excluder or an old towel.

    Cover bare floors with a rug.

    Huggle up next to your partner, pets or children.

    Get active, do some housework to warm you up.

    Drink hot drinks like tea and coffee.

    Once you’ve cooked a meal in the oven, turn it off but leave the door open.




    I remember a few years ago my friend who worked in an office was complaining how cold her feet were sitting at her desk all day!Where i worked at the time we used to receive lots of parcels which also had loads of packaging inside mainly those little polystyrene ovals,one day i suggested filling a shallow box with these little ovals and putting your feet in,hey presto! it worked her feet warmed up and it didn’t cost a penny,plus being under the desk no one could see!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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