morning sickness

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    When I was pregnant with my 2 kids, I had the worst morning sickness ever, in fact, it was bad in the morning and just got worse and worse throughout the day. By evening I lived in the bathroom. I was sick probably 10-15 times a day and no-one seemed to take it seriously; my midwife laughed it off as an annoying side effect, my work were trying to get me to travel all over to do as much as possible before I left and thought I was being an ‘over dramatic pregnant woman’ when I said I couldn’t.
    The doctors eventually prescribed anti sickness pills when I was dehydrated but it’s just so annoying how people brush it off. If someone had a severe sickness bug for 6 months it would be treated totally differently!!



    Agree with you on that! I had terrible morning sickness, I couldn’t keep anything down at all and I felt terrible all day and night. If I wasn’t being sick I was feeling sick, I missed out on all the christmas parties, meals out, functions, weddings, work meetings etc and could barely get out of bed to take my daughter to school. It can be totally debilitating and is very played down as feeling ‘a little queasy’ for a few weeks. I was sick for 9 months and it’s not funny at all!

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