Nanny vs Childminder

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    Which is best? A few pros and cons I can see are:

    Pros – child stays in home environment, 1-on-1 care (possibly), you don’t have to travel to take/collect child, may do additional duties in the home

    Cons – more costly, less socialization for the child, may be less qualified/regulated, may expect holiday pay and other benefits, no statutory max. number of children

    Pros – cheaper, will have up to 5 other children for yours to play with, gives a change of scenery for the child, highly regulated, inspected, has max. number of children in their charge (in theory)

    Cons – Less dedicated attention for your child, outs child outside of familiar home environment, may live the other side of town, prepares all own documentation – policies and procedures at their discretion

    Can you think of any others or experiences of either to share?

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