rude questions people ask when you're pregnant

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    I’ve got 4 kids ranging from late teens to 10 yrs and the amount of rude or personal questions I’ve been asked by either family and friends or total strangers, astounds me! Examples:
    1) Was it planned?
    2) why would you want another baby?
    3) Oh I bet you’re disappointed it’s another boy
    4) Can you actually feel anything ‘down there’ after 4 kids?
    5) you sure its not twins, you’re huge
    6) I’ve never seem stretch marks like yours
    7) be careful, you’ll have a prolapse with the amount of times you’ve given birth
    8) make sure you do your pelvic floor exercises else it will be like chucking a sausage through a tunnel
    9) Are you breastfeeding?
    10) Wide load coming through
    11) I would never have more than 2 children, they would be emotionally neglected as you wouldn’t have time for them all
    12) Is there no TV in your house then?
    13) Are you having babies until you get a girl or something?
    14) After 4 kids, I’d imagine your boobs are closer to your ankles now

    I really could go on, but they’re prime examples. Why does having kids give people the right to pass comment on your lifestyle choices or body??



    I’ve had a few of these too! I never understand the ‘was it planned’ question? Why does it matter to you? It insinuates that there’s an underlying reason why you shouldn’t… you don’t get newlyweds being asked that question, only if you’re not married, already have 2 kids, haven’t been together long or are older parents.
    I remember a teacher at my sons school asking if everything had recovered and doing this weird wafty hand thing guesturing to my private parts – wtf?!



    OMG a teacher said that?! haha! I had the ‘was it planned’ question – fair enough my first was very soon after we got together. NO-ONE asked if our second was planned, but with our 3rd many people asked or presumed it was an accident! I always find it a very personal question to ask someone

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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