Simple tips for relationship bliss

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    In my opinion there is no such thing as a “happily ever after”, we are all human and all have our ups and downs.

    I found these tips really useful for making your relationship seem like bliss:

    * Manners – Please and thank-you’s are small little words that can really make a big impact.

    * Change – dullness and repetitiveness can lead to a boring and depressing relationship, try something different like a new restaurant or surprising your loved one every now and again.

    * Playful – Find a hobby or sport that you both enjoy and take part together. Your partner shouldn’t just be your “Partner”, they should be your best friend.

    * Compromise – don’t be too stubborn, if your fella wants a night in with his mates but you don’t like the idea, simply agree if you get to do something you want. Take time out and have a girly night in around your friends house with a chick flick.

    * Weighting game – if you think he/she is piling on the pounds don’t force a diet on them, you will have to get involved too. Healthier eating and controlling diets are better when both parties are involved. Don’t sit there wit ha huge chocolate eclair whilst he/she is eating a bowl of muesli (if you see what I mean).

    * Tough action – studies have shown when relationships hit a rocky patch, they have more chance of a successful outcome when the couples seek professional help.

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