Smoking during pregnancy

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    To give your child a healthy start it is best to avoid all smoke. Every cigarette you smoke holds more than 4000 chemicals and consequently harms you and your baby.

    Cigarettes restrict the oxygen supply to your baby, and we all now that oxygen is vital to a baby. Stop smoking immediately and the harmful toxins such as Carbon Monoxide and many more with leave your system immediately!

    Benefits of stamping out those cigarettes for good:

    – reduced the risk of stillborn
    – less morning sickness and complications
    – more likely to have a healthier happier pregnancy
    – you’ll cope better with birth
    – you’ll have an “on time baby”
    – benefit your baby in later life
    – benefit you and your family

    Passive smoking, also known as second-hand smoking is also bad for you and your baby. If your partner smokes or other people around you then you should not be in their presence when they do so. It can cause cot deaths and many other complications.

    If you smoke and want to kick the habit, you should seek advice from your GP or midwife. There are plenty or nicotine replacement options out there such as,

    – gum
    – inhaler
    – mouth spray
    – patches
    – lozenges
    – microtabs

    Smoking is harmful to anyone, especially unborn babies!

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