Supermarket Mayhem

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    What do you do when your little angel throws a wobbly in the supermarket? I try really hard to ignore it but it’s so hard! I have been known to abandon my trolley and leave! Some people look at you as if you’re a really bad parent, I find that the worst bit, it’s so rude and unhelpful šŸ™

    What are your tactics for dealing with militant pre-school behavior whilst out and about?



    This is a nightmare isn’t it?! One time when my eldest was about 2.5 she lost the plot and threw herself on the floor in the middle of Tesco screaming – I was so embarrassed! I just bundled her up and out of the store, and yes, there were those stares. Horrid feeling šŸ™ Think I was a bit rubbish when it came to stuff like that. Glad my youngest is now 4 and just about through it! I wish I’d been like the woman on that advert and had the guts to throw my own tantrum!



    It worries me about what’s to come when I read stuff like this! I’ve no idea how I’ll cope, but I’d like to think I’d try and be even and ignore it. My daughter is just starting to assert her own little personality, it’s weird after the early months when they don’t really communicate all that much. I try to take her to the supermarket as often as I can now to try and get her used to it – do you reckon that’ll help??

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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