Sweeteners 'make you crave sugar'

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    Choosing diet drinks and artificial sweeteners instead of high calorie-treats may increase your craving for sugar, a study has found.
    It is because sugar substitutes tickle the tastebuds, but can’t fool the brain.
    The pleasure we get from sweet treats is the result of a chemical called dopamine, which is released in the brain when when sugar is consumed and is linked to a feeling of reward. Artificial sweeteners and other low-calorie options do not cause the same reactions, leaving dieters with their craving-and making them far more likely to binge on sugar later on.
    The study implies that humans frequently ingesting low-calorie sweet products in a state of hunger may be more likely to ‘relapse’ and choose high-calorie alternatives in the future.
    Rather than starve yourself of sugar it is better to consume very small amounts, tricking the brain into producing a pleasure response. The steady release of dopamine will prevent cravings from building up.
    The results suggest that a “happy medium” could be a solution, combining sweeteners with minimal amounts of sugar so that energy metabolism doesn’t drop, while caloric intake is kept to a minimum.



    As a diabetic sugar substitutes give me low-sugar/calorie options with flavour, so I think there’s definitely a place for them. I mostly have water with them in and I haven’t observed myself craving sugary things as a result.

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