Symptoms in early pregnancy

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    If you’re trying to get pregnant it is tempting to look for signs in the first week or so after possible conception. In truth there is no hard and fast way of knowing you’ve been successful until beyond the due date of your next period, but it can be fun to try and guess (just don’t get too obsessed, tricky I know!). Here are some symptoms some Mums have experienced in the earliest days of pregnancy that you can look out for:

    1: Tender or swollen breasts
    2: Heightened sense of smell or taste
    3: Unexplained fatigue
    4: Spotting and cramping – this may be a sign of the egg implanting in the lining of your uterus
    5: Mood Swings
    6: Headaches

    Not all women will experience early pregnancy symptoms (many have none at all), and others may have some or all of the above, either early, or not until later on in their pregnancy term.
    It can be a frustrating time, but getting familiar with your body prior to conception can help you to pinpoint any more subtle changes when you do conceive.

    These are just a few possible symptoms – has anyone experienced any others very early on in pregnancy?



    With my son I suddenly felt all energised. Must have been about 10 days in, it was like I’d drunk a can of Red Bull and the effects lasted about a week. And then I felt knackered for 8.5 months, lol!

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