To smack or not to smack?

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    Maggie Atkinson, the Children’s Commissioner for England (I didn’t even know we had one!) has jumped off the fence and said she thinks parents should be banned from smacking their kids.

    What do you think?

    I don’t agree on a blanket ban, purely because I think even the most calm parents occasionally need to feel they have the right to issue a short sharp shock without feeling like they are going to be condemned for it. I’ve only ever smacked once in 6 years, after my little girl deliberately bit me so hard she virtually drew blood when she was about 2. It followed weeks of failed peaceful attempts to get her to stop (we tried everything), and the straw that broke this camel’s back came after calmly warning her several times in the space of about 10 minutes that this would happen if she continued to bite. Two little taps on her bottom, a big cry (from us both), and she never bit again.

    I felt vindicated, but also completely, horribly awful for days afterwards. I felt like a failure. And I know some on here may smugly say they’ve never resorted to violence, and look down on me from their pedestals, but hey, I’m human, and my point here is that an outright ban on smacking will criminalize many parents who are only trying to do their best. I know all the arguments about the danger of allowing people to judge what’s acceptable, and how that can get out of control. But really, I don’t think a total ban will have any effect on those parents who routinely resort to physical retribution anyway, and surely we need to maintain a sense of some responsibility for our own actions?

    Interested to hear what everyone else has to say … (ducks back below the parapet ….)



    Ahh, don’t be too hard on yourself. I’ve not smacked, but I can imagine I might lose it if my kids did something that really put them in danger, just as a natural knee-jerk reaction.

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