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    Why is it that everyone who has ever had a baby feels the need to share their experiences with new parents?! I have a friend who has just had her first baby and she was nearly in tears over this the other day. She’s not ungrateful, but people can be so judgmental sometimes, and when you’re emotional and sleep deprived you just don’t need that!

    Why do people do it?!



    Agree!! I think some people that have been through it are so eager to share their ‘wisdom’ they don’t realise how much pressure they might put on a new parent. There is no manual and you need to do what is best for YOU and YOUR baby. I had a friend totally at her wits end cos the midwife was telling her one thing, health visitor something else, she had her own mum criticising and friends desperate to give advice – the only ‘advice’ I’ll ever give is do what feels right for you, what suits one person, doesn’t work for another!



    Oh don’t get me started on this! I am SICK of people telling me what I should be doing and it hasn’t stopped now my daughter is one. If one more person expresses an opinion on what I should be doing to celebrate her first birthday I’ll do something I may regret!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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