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    Hi all! Just been chatting with a friend and her little boy is a chunky little thing, always hungry and she feels that having a bottle just isn’t filling him enough. She’s got 2 other kids and weaned both of those at around 4 months as they too seemed ready and not satisfied with milk.
    Now the advice being given out is that weaning shouldn’t take place till 6months – when the health visitor found out she had begun weaning her 4 month old she told her under no circumstances was she allowed and called social services to her house!! Her boy is loving the baby rice and sleeps much longer through the night but she’s been vilanised by her health visitor for doing this – has anyone else had the same experience??



    That’s awful! It’s not so long ago that official advice said 4 mths was okay! As long as you avoid certain foods their tummies aren’t ready for it’s perfectly ok. I started at 4 mths with my son because he was ready, just like your friend’s kids. The milk is important too and needs to be continued, but I can’t see there’s any harm in starting early on solids.

    It isn’t outlawed here (in France). In fact the advisory documents they hand out provides helpful guidance on what to feed and how to progress from 4 mths if you feel your child is ready. Really annoys me when “officials” make parents feel rubbish for following their instincts šŸ™

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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