What you need for your new baby

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    Here is a list of essential items you need to get before your baby is born, and some others that you may want to think about.

    On average a baby uses 5000 nappies in two and a half years, so it’s vital you pick a nappy that is right for you and your baby. There are washable cloth nappies or disposable.
    Disposable nappies: are convenient however, over a two and a half year period they will cost almost £1000 and they are a growing problem in landfill sites.
    Washable cloth nappies: are cheaper to use, even when taking into account the cost of washing them. They are more environmentally friendly and are easily laundered.

    Cotton Wool
    Always choose white cotton wool, and the rolls are cheaper.

    Plastic changing mat
    This is very useful and convenient.

    Baby lotion and baby wipes
    Water is fine and cheap for cleaning your baby’s bottom, but lotion or wipes can be convenient especially if you’re out and about.

    Baby barrier cream (sudocrem)
    This will help prevent nappy rash, to prevent it you should clean your baby’s bottom more often.

    Changing bag
    This will carry all your essentials when you go out. Most changing bags come with a free changing mat that folds up inside.

    The safest place to change a mat is on the floor or a proper baby changing facility.

    Any large clean bowl will do as long as it’s not metal. Two soft towels will be needed also.

    For the first few months you will need a moses basket, crib or a carry cot.
    A firm mattress will need to fit the cot etc snugly, without spaces around the edges as the baby could trap its head or suffocate.
    Sheets: to cover the mattress and several light blankets for safety and warmth.

    Out and about
    Baby carriers: are attached around your body via straps and hold your baby in front of you on your chest. Most baby’s love this way as they are close to you and warm.

    These are only suitable for young babies if they have fully reclining seats which allow the baby to lay flat. You should wait until your baby can sit up before purchasing other types.

    Car seat
    Never buy a second hand car seat as they may have been involved in an accident. Purchase a brand new one and make sure it is fitted correctly as per instruction manual.



    Great list! I would add two things. One is a sleep sac. These armless soft sleeping bags are a great way to keep baby warm without worrying about them slipping under the covers. I used them with both my babies and them worked like a charm.

    The other is a baby monitor, and I wouldn’t have been without my AngelCare device for the first 12 months – it not only alerts you to sounds, but also if your baby stops breathing. Mine 2nd child did once, at 5 months, and it scared the life out of me. He was breathing again by the time we had arrived at his door, but I do wonder if it was because the alarm had startled him, and dread to think what may have happened if we hadn’t had the monitor.

    Other parents out there – what would be your “not able to live without” items?

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