Win a box of Thorntons Chocolates with The Working Parent

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    Afternoon all.

    By following the form below you could win a box of “Milk, White & Dark Continental” chocolates by Thorntons.

    Come back daily for more entries and don’t forget to keep your fingers crossed!

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    Collect 20p’s ina jar all year from your change then when it’s Christmas buy your Christmas Turkey with the moeny you have saved



    Best general advice…well we have 2 family sayings, used with a certain humour. “This too will pass” and “Panic Ye not”. They tend to help in a wide variety of situations as a reminder that no matter how bad things seem at this moment in time, you’ll get through!



    just try your best, tell busy bodies no thank you



    tomorrow is another day



    Nothing is ever as bad as it seems, remember to laugh as much as you can….and remember that not everyone is lucky enough to have children, be as grateful for them as you can.



    put your £2 coins away, its surprising how quickly they add up



    When opportunities come up in life grab them with both hands!



    Hide chocolates! They won’t do your hubbies waistline any good



    Everything is just a phase. If your baby is driving you mad because they won’t sleep, eat, go to the potty etc. they WILL grow out of it so don’t stress.



    Look for any positives in behaviour and embrace them



    if you can save money buy using a coupon when you go shopping, it soon mounts up how much you could save



    Don’t listen to too many people’s advice-it can get very messy



    If your child is a bit of a handful remember that many traits we tend to dislike or frown upon in children are traits we actually encourage in adulthood. Children described as “naughty” by others are often simply headstrong, independent, spirited and active.



    It’s never too late to try something new.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 32 total)

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