Win a Thorntons Hamper with The Working Parent – 9th Oct

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    Try to put some time aside at the weekend for family time. Go for a walk, play a game or just makes an effort to sit at the dinner table to eat instead of in front of the tv.



    My advice is to RELAX and enjoy the ride! I spent the first year stressing about everything and trying to get into routines, which just happened naturally when i just took it a bit easier!



    Trust your own instincts! Parents are bombarded by advice, recommendations and guidelines these days, plus we all have one of those competitive parents in our circle to point out all the things we should be doing for our children but aren’t. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel inadequate or stressed. I think most children will thrive if their parents are loving and happy – throw in a few rules, lots of sleep and healthy food, plenty of fresh air and a pile of fabulous books and everyone will do well.



    Put money aside each month, and then give it to them at 18!



    Don’t fall out with family.



    use online sites to find vouchers and you can save lots on the weekly shop



    Make sure that you write a shopping list and stick to it. So much money is wasted by throwing food away.



    Life is not a dress rehearsal.



    Everyone need a little help at christmas, so why not put away £5 a week, it probaby wont be missed and before you know it you will have over £250 to spend next christmas xx



    Don’t buy from vending machines – the prices are always inflated



    My best piece of advice is, if you really want something don’t hold back! Go and get it! Why wait? Things don’t come to you, if you want it go get it!



    don’t sweat it. You are a good parent and your kids will grow up fine despite all your worrying 🙂

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    Couple of bits of advice… one for people in general…
    One for the site…

    Never skip past the “reduced/about to expire” shelf in the supermarket.
    You can almost always pick up the meat and chicken (and sometimes fish) you need from there at sometimes quite vastly reduced prices, and once you get it home and you’ve put it in the freezer it’ll easily last until you need it.

    And for the site…
    Follow your own instructions on the rafflecopter to ensure everything is correct.
    make sure all links work before making it public. is not a valid address, that is meant to be where you put the facebook url (in the share facebook picture bit, links should be clickable, it shouldn’t be necessary to copy and paste them)

    Also, share this page,dropdown by the cog icon at the top of the page?

    What cog icon? What drop down? I see no cog or share option anywehre on the page, so it must be very well hidden.



    dont take things for granted



    when your at your wits end, remember, before you know it your kids will be grown up so treasure your time with them and try not to let little things wind you up

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