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Adult Education Bursaries – Could you be Entitled?

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Perhaps you are a little surprised to see the word ‘bursary’? It may feel like a relic from the past, those halcyon days of full grants and reasonable tuition fees. But yes, bursaries do still exist, and even more surprisingly, these particular ones are designed for adults.

What are Adult Education bursaries?

They are offered by City and Guilds to people who want to follow a City and Guilds course, but who would not be able to do so without some financial help. They are specifically aimed at adults who want to follow a course so as to improve their financial position.

If you haven’t considered City and Guilds courses before, it’s time to take a look. There is a huge range of different subjects on offer, from beauty therapy to IT to sport and recreation, and they are all vocational – in other words, they are designed to give you the training that you need for the workplace, and to make you highly employable.

What can they be used for?

The bursaries can be used for various purposes, including:

• Paying your course and/or exam fees

• Covering living costs if you are unable to work while you study

• Covering childcare or travel expenses

• Covering any other costs that are making it difficult for you to enrol on a course.

Adult education and financing

Am I eligible?

It’s no surprise to find that there is a lot of competition for these bursaries. In order to apply, you must be UK resident, and you must have chosen the City and Guilds course that you wish to pursue.

It may be a while since you’ve done this kind of thing, and for your application to really stand out and have a good chance of success, you will need to come up with some fresh and impressive answers to the following questions, which are posed on the application form:

• Why you need financial help to do this course.

• What will be hardest for you about doing this course (other than the financial issues you are facing)?

• How will you handle those challenges?

• If you were able to complete this course, how would this help you towards financial independence?

• What will your next step be once you’ve finished this course?

• How would you be a good advertisement/role model for City & Guilds?

How do I apply?

The application form is available online. Applications are considered twice per year, in May and October, and you can make your application three months in advance of the deadlines for each cycle. If your application gets through the first stage, you will be invited for interview in London or at one of the City and Guilds Regional Centres. If you are successful at this stage, a recommendation is made to the Independent Bursary Board, which makes the final decision.




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