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Agency workers rights

agency workers

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Agency workers rights at work

When you’re working through an agency, you typically have a contract with them. However, when you start work with a company you also have a contract with them, you must also know the agency workers rights too.

Agency workers are often known as temps as they work temporarily for companies as and when they’re needed. In order to be classed as an agency worker you can’t be self-employed and you must be supplied by the agency to work for a company temporarily.

Contracts you may have to sign

You may need to sign a ‘pay between assignments’ contract when you’re working with an agency. This basically means that you’re an agency employee and you will have slightly different rights to the other workers at the agency. What this contract means is that once you’ve finished a job and you’re waiting for a new one to come through, you’ll still get paid.

However, it also means that when you do go to work with a company via the agency, you won’t be entitled to the same pay as other workers. This rule applies even if you’ve been with the company for more than 12 weeks. Apart from pay, all other rights will be the same as the other workers.

Before you actually agree to sign one of these contracts, you should consider a number of factors. Within the contract it will state how many hours you will be expected to work, if you’re expected to travel anywhere and what the minimum pay rates will be.

agency workers

Your agency employment rights

There are some employment rights you’ll be entitled to just the same as everyone else. These include:

  • No unlawful reductions can be taken from your wages
  • You’ll be entitled to paid holidays
  • You’ll be paid at least the minimum wage
  • You can ask for flexible working hours after you return from parental leave
  • Have a limit on the amount of hours you can work
  • You’re entitled to statutory sick pay

These are just some of the employment rights you’re entitled to. The agency or company you work for won’t be able to discriminate against you because of your age, weight, race, gender or sexual preferences. Your employer will have to treat you exactly the same as they treat their own employees.

It’s important to note that there are some rights you don’t have. For example, you won’t be entitled to statutory redundancy pay. You also don’t have the right to request a written statement containing the conditions of your employment; nor will you be entitled to maternity, adoption or paternity leave.

There are many things that you need to be wary of when you choose to work through an agency. Always make sure the agency is a reliable and well-respected one and before you sign any contracts, make sure you are 100% happy with what is outlined in them. Read through the terms and conditions carefully and make sure you understand everything. Once you’ve signed the contract there’s no going back. Working through an agency can have its advantages provided you know your rights.









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