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Are we more productive with technology?

Technology productivity

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Thanks to the genius invention of the internet, we are becoming a nation of workers who would rather email than pick up a phone to make a call or write a letter.

On average us British workers send and receive a staggering 10,000 emails every year but has it made us any more productive?

One in five of us admit to never putting pen to paper according to the latest study and 10% spend the whole day sat in front of a computer or glued to our mobile phones. A further 25% can’t even remember what work life was like before the invention of the email.

A study by Warwick business school shows just how much the nation relies on technology on a daily basis increasing over the last 6 decades. 58% of workers claim technology has made them more productive, the average worker sends 40 emails every day with a tenth of them really making their mailbox work by sending and receiving over 100 emails a day.

Over half of those questioned (57%) admitted sneaking into their work inbox whilst at home and they think it makes them more productive.

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Sadly the traditional methods of communicating have fallen as 1 in 10 workers said they have never made a call at work and 48% never posted a letter.

Contrary to the report results the most recent figures show productivity has increased by a mere 2% a year since 1973.





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