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Being a proud working mum

Being a proud working mum

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As parents we endeavour to create a lifestyle that is right not just for us, but for the family as a whole. For some mums, this means becoming a stay-at-home parent, while for others it means returning to work. There are many reasons why being a stay-at-home mum is great but it’s not for everyone and some people don’t have a choice as they need the money.

Despite doing the best for their families, some mums with young children do occasionally feel guilty for going back to work. Here are just some of the reasons why you shouldn’t.

Providing for your family

The main reason most of us go out to work is to earn money. In doing so you’re providing food, shelter, clothes and much more for your children. If you and your partner both work and don’t struggle for money then that second income can contribute towards extras like holidays, days out or be put aside for a first car/flat/university. If you’re paying National Insurance and contributing to a pension then you’ll also see the rewards when you retire.

Sowing seeds

As well as instilling a good work ethic, working parents show their kids that they have a choice in how they live their lives. If they’ve always wanted to be a fire fighter, for example, that dream doesn’t have to die when children come along. By working a paid job, you’re sowing the seeds that they achieve anything that they want to. Girls who see their mums building a great career will know they can do it too (if they want to) and boys with working mums should have no problem seeing women in the workplace as equals.


Being a proud working mumThe majority of working parents use paid for childcare to cover at least part of the week. This usually means that kids will spend much of their time in a nursery or childminder’s home surrounded by other kids. As well as encouraging them to become independent and get on with things without mum being around, children will benefit from the social aspect of childcare as they learn to connect with their peers.

Adult company

For many people, a big reason to go back to work is for adult conversation. Even the most patient mums can become fed up of toddler-speak and crave some company from other grown-ups. In this case, the working environment can provide stimulation, which in turn allows you to actively enjoy the time you do spend listening to your kids chatter away. Quality is just as important as quantity when it comes to spending time with the family. If you’ve managed to enjoy a cup of coffee while it’s still hot and held a conversation that didn’t involve kids’ television, eating habits or somebody pointing out you have (someone else’s) snot down your top then you’re going to really appreciate getting back to your kids in the evening.

Of course, none of these things are exclusive to working mums. Stay-at-home mums can and do offer their kids a great example to follow. However, if you feel guilty about being a working mum then remind yourself that you’re doing what is best for your own family and rest assured that your kids are just fine.



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