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Benefits of having childcare in the workplace

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A survey released on January 23rd of 2,000 mothers found that 67% thought day-care issues where making their work-life difficult. 20% of working mothers stated they would like to take on at least 10 extra hours of work a week, however childcare issues prevent them from doing this.

Undoubtedly, one of the most accommodating and supportive things any company can do to help their employees with children is to create an on-site nursery. There are many benefits of having childcare in the workplace, for the parents, the child and for the company:

Benefits for the child:

There are huge benefits for a child when they are placed in childcare close to their parents. The child will suffer less from separation anxiety due to the comfort of knowing that their parent is near by and available during an emergency or throughout a particularly difficult time, such as teething.

Benefits for the parent:

Parents will be safe in the knowledge that their child is just a few minutes away and safe with fellow employees. They can also check on the children whenever work allows, and due to the close proximity, the crucial parent-child bond will be strengthened. The stresses of transportation and scheduling will also be reduced, as will time and cost worries around travelling.

Cost for the company:

childcare in the workplaceCreating on-site childcare is undeniably a huge endeavor; Sharon Charity, communications manager at the Daycare Trust, has said: “Setting up a workplace nursery is a complex procedure, and it requires expert advice. For childcare places to be eligible for tax and national insurance (NI) relief for staff, the nursery will have to adhere to Ofsted regulations on staffing levels and qualifications, [and] the curriculum, and follow guidance from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) on the management and financing of the nursery setting.” Nick Collins of KidsUnlimited, which builds and operates on-site nurseries, stated “The actual set-up costs will vary depending on the type of facility, that is to say, whether it is a new build, or a conversion, but a nursery with 50 places would typically cost around £500,000.”

Benefits to the company

However, there are many benefits to any company that setting up childcare in the workplace can bring. Nick Collins continued, “The main justifications are the numbers of staff with childcare needs, the availability and cost of convenient childcare facilities, the costs associated with replacing staff who fail to return to work after a period of maternity leave, and increased wellbeing of staff including reduced absenteeism.”

Many regard on-site daycare as a luxury, so providing your employees with this will undoubtedly improve opinions of the company. Employees are also more likely to stay with the company, and are less likely to be distracted or worried about their child.

Numerous institutions such as the NHS, the Ministry Of Defense and various universities already offer on-site daycare. Oxfam has long facilitated new parents with on-site childcare; their main headquarters has provided childcare for over 20 years. Nikki Glover, a human resources manager, stated “The members of staff who use it really appreciate having their children close to them at work. They know that if there is a problem they can be there immediately. From the organisation’s point of view, this facility has played a part in its ability to attract and retain good staff… We can also make places available to people who are not members of staff, via a waiting list, to ensure that the facility continues to pay.”



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