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The BEST job interview tips from YOU!

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It’s a nail biting, nerve wracking time for many of us when we’re faced with a panel of people trying to judge whether we’re the right person for a job. So we asked for your job interview tips which have worked for you- here are the best!

Nailing those nerves!

‘Don’t fiddle! If it’s a wheely chair, sit still, if you have a pen, don’t play with it, don’t bite your nails, eye to eye contact and really take in what the interviewer is saying’ ~ Emma Lou George

‘Don’t be scared to speak up, I panicked and messed up a question at the start through nerves. As I calmed down and relaxed I realised what I needed to say. At the end I explained that I was so nervous my words hadn’t come out and would any of the panel mind if I went back to answer that question. No one minded and admired my confidence to recognise a mistake and rectify it! I got the job’ ~ Emma Taylor

‘Nerves can be crippling, so whilst waiting, clench and unclench your hands; this can even be done under the desk in the interview. It really helps use up adrenalin and keep you focused. Finally, ASK QUESTIONS, nothing worse than getting to the end and the person have nothing to say’ ~ Dawn Gurneyjob interview tips

‘Smile – no matter how nervous you are! Smiling will make you seem approachable, friendly and will help you to relax. Just don’t smile like the manic Cheshire cat!’ ~ Tricia Clark

Do your homework

‘I have just got a new job and was told what impressed them at interview was my ability to apply my skills to what was in their business plan / targets for the year ahead’ ~ Kerry McGeachy

‘Go in with a written list of questions. It shows a good knowledge of the business and also lets you find out a bit more to see if you really want to work there.’ ~ Luan Anderson

‘I think the ‘STAR’ (Situation, Task, Action, Result) technique is excellent for ordering your responses and helping keep your answers on strack. Also, knowing/acknowledging your faults/weaknesses is seen as a strength to many employers.’ ~ Joanne Coffey

‘Ask plenty of question relevant to the company to show interest and research the company prior to interview incase you’re asked any questions. Always read the job spec and desirable criteria prior to interview as the questions are mainly based on wants and needs of the company, so by preparing for this and tying in your own experience and qualifications, it will give you an advantageous start!’ ~ Pauline Duffy

‘Confidence is key plus a good sense of humour make you someone they would want to work around’ ~ Natalie Mann

‘Ask questions about the job, propects, working conditions etc’ ~ Louise Lumsden

‘Take a copy of your CV with you – if you need to refer to dates, you can look at your CV quickly and make sure you get the right answer!’ ~ Julie Lorraine Thomasjob interview tips

‘If you’re provided with a list of duties, draw up a document that shows examples of how you have handled these types of things before and how you can add value to those things. Black for the original, blue for the proof and red for the new ideas. You’ll often get chance to hand these things out in interviews and it makes an impression’ ~ Gerri Happy Tennant

‘They’ll ask you why you want to work there and won’t be impressed with ‘I need a job’. They want to know why you want to work for them as opposed to somewhere else, so what is it about the company that impresses you? What will keep you working for them for years?’ ~ Kirsten Straughan Thain

‘Practice with a friend beforehand and always visualize a positive outcome!’ ~ Nick Hopkins

‘Don’t lie about your hobbies on your CV – they may come back to haunt you! For example, if you get invited out for a round of golf and you’ve never held a club!’ ~ Tracy K Nixon

‘When asked what your biggest flaw is, I say I’m a perfectionist!’ ~ Laura Cowlishaw

Personality and appearance

‘Make good eye contact but don’t stare!’ ~ Josie J Harrison

‘Always be yourself, maintain eye contact with the person interviewing you and always dress smartly’ ~ Sharon Griffin

‘Eye contact and firm handshake’ ~ Claire Synnott

‘Be on time!!’ ~ Beverly Davies

‘Imagine them naked! Gives you the edge’ ~ Andy Collard

‘Wear something comfortable. If you feel comfortable you’ll act naturally and be more at ease in the interview’ ~ Amy Tidd

‘Crisp white shirt and royal blue tie for the gents – colour psychology shows that this colour combination in the most successful in interviews’ ~ Craig Priestlyjob interview tips

‘Dress appropriately as unfortunately, many people decide a ‘best fit’ for the role within seconds. Sad but true!’ ~ Dawn Gurney

‘Go in with a big friendly smile. Smiles are infectious and it will be remembered. You might not feel happy but a smile will make you feel more at ease’ ~ Gillian Colston

…And most of all….

‘BE YOURSELF!’ ~ Jeff Jones, Theresa Berry, Catherine McAlinden, Lisa Kerley, Chick Taylor, Sharon Griffin, Claire Gray

‘RESEARCH THE COMPANY!’ ~ Angela Campbell, Leanne Bell, Laura Olivia Tonks, Stacy Taylor, Rishona Taylor



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