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Can You Work While On Maternity Leave

Can You Work While On Maternity Leave

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This is a question that many people ask. Here is a quick view as to your rights while taking your maternity leave.

If you are in receipt of Maternity Allowance or Statutory Maternity Pay, you can work up to a maximum of 10 KIT days ( keeping in touch days) without losing your benefit. Whether you go into work for just an hour or a full day, this will still count as a Kit Day, regardless of how long that you worked. This has to be through an agreement with your employer and yourself, neither side can demand it. If you are on Shared Parental leave you are entitled to take up to 20 split days with the agreement of your employer.

You should also check the conditions of your contract to see if you are allowed to work elsewhere or as self-employed. Remember that you contract is legal and binding.

If you decide that you wish to work more than the authorised Kit days, you may lose your entitlement to your Maternity Allowance. If you are claiming Statutory Maternity Pay, you can lose one weeks allowance for every week extra that you work.

Can You Work While On Maternity Leave

More than one job

If you were in employment, (but not claiming SMP), with another employer on the 15th week before your due date or if you worked for them during your maternity leave, your Statutory Maternity leave will not be affected, but you should always inform your first employer.

If you are getting paid SMP from both employers, you don’t have to start your maternity at the same time , but it must be no earlier than 11 weeks before your date and no later than one day after the birth date.

Self Employed Work

If you are claiming SMP, you can work as self – employed without it affecting your benefit. However if you are claiming Maternity Allowance, you can only work up to 10 days.




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