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Careers that let you see the world


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If you have wanderlust, then blending your passion for travel with your job can be the perfect way to see more the world. There are jobs where the travel aspect is obvious, such as a Flight Attendant or Pilot, but those airline seats are not just filled with holidaymakers – there are a multitude of other careers that involve regular travel too, and one of them could be perfect for you!

Travelling Nurse

If you have, or can acquire a qualification in nursing, then a whole world of opportunities opens up. Travelling Nurses register with a company or agency, and move from one job to the next, temporarily filling positions as required. Job placements can be anywhere in the world, and accommodation and travel expenses are typically provided, in addition to a competitive salary.

Tour Guide

Any city that is a magnet for tourists needs good tour guides on hand to lead the way. If you relate to people well, and enjoy sharing information, then this could be the travel job for you. To be successful you will need to understand the local area inside out, in terms of its history, culture and those little hidden secrets that the normal tourist would find difficult to uncover. It also helps if you speak more than one language. Once you worked in one place as a tour guide, you can use this as a stepping stone to jobs further afield. Take a map, and pin, and off you go!

Civil Servant

Her Majesty’s Government has representatives all over the globe in many fields of expertise. From finance to teaching, HMG has a constant stream of vacancies open to the general public in diverse international locations. The pay tends to be slightly higher than average, and relocation packages are often offered.


careers that let you see the worldRoadie is the short name for the road crew members who accompany bands on tour. Their work can involve anything from technical lighting production and sound engineers, to the good old-fashioned grunt work of fetching and carrying equipment. Newcomers must normally earn their stripes by starting with jobs requiring least experience, but get a foot in the door and there are ample opportunities for learning the more complex tasks. You get to travel whilst you do it, and who knows where it may lead?

International Aid Worker

If you are looking for a job that makes a difference, then why not become and International Aid Worker? These roles involve helping people in countries where they have suffered economic problems, war, famine, or natural disasters. This type of work is very challenging and demanding, but it can also be incredibly rewarding.

English Teacher

Almost anyone with good literacy skills can acquire a qualification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. English is one of the world’s most commonly spoken languages, and fluency is highly valued abroad. Armed with your qualification you can seek work wherever you choose. Many places will provide accommodation as part of your job package, and you can teach children or adults of any age. You can choose to find work privately, or through an agency.

Professional Yacht Crew

You don’t need to know about sailing to crew on board a yacht. Around the world there are thousands if not millions of large boats owned by very rich people, and they need people to man the decks doing everything from cleaning and cooking, to stewarding and engineering. If a life on the ocean wave appeals, then get surfing and find yourself a place aboard!




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