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Childcare Costs 2013

Children in childcare

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So far 2013 hasn’t been an easy year for anyone, the prices of things just keeps going up and up while in the wise words of Simply Red’s Mick Hucknall, ‘Money’s too tight to mention’. So when we read reports about childcare costs in the UK and how a full time Nursery place for your under two will cost £11,000 a year and even more when that child actually hits two, we start to wonder what can be done of these prices continue to jump. Of course these prices seem justifiable to government boffins when the ‘average’ wage is £24,000 but many of you reading this right now will have just choked on your Horlicks to be reading that figure. The most worrying figure on the Day Care Trusts website was that for a family with 2 children they will be paying £4000 for after school clubs but you can take your whole family to Florida for £3000, is something wrong there?

Children at childcare

In recession Britain the pounds you earn buy you less and less, statistics show that nursery prices have risen a staggering 77% since 2003 whereas your wages have remained practically unchanged in that time.

So how about child minders?

They have got to be the cheaper option, right? Well no, in fact if you have someone pick up your children from school for you and look after them till you get back, expect to be charged in the region of £72 a week. All the statistics show that child care and child minding services are increasing their charges far in excess of national inflation in a country which has seen little change in it’s average wage for over a decade, and you are most likely to feel the adverse effects of these charges in Eastern regions of the UK where prices are rocketing at a pace to revival the city of London. It’s worth noting that the only place where child care costs having blown out of proportion is in Scotland where it’s believed newcomers to the market in stringent policy is creating a level playing field for child care givers and their clients.


Childcare cost increases

For the rest of us child care prices seem set to carry on spiralling out of control, with minimal increases in wages and a support system that barely covers the cost of even the cheapest nursery, Britain looks set to enter a period where more and more parents are having to look for other options than taking their child to Nursery or after school clubs and we could see a decline in the proportion of children entered into early years education. Whatever the future holds, more has to be done by the people in charge to ensure that good quality child care is accessible to every UK child regardless of where they live or how much their parents earn to ensure they have the best start in life and make sure the UK work force remains strong. Or we can just all go to Florida for a holiday?




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