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Choosing a college course

choosing college

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Where do you start?

When it comes to choosing a college course there are some key points to remember, the first, and probably most important, pick a course you are actually interested in and are likely to enjoy, don’t pick a course that you think will earn you the most money later on. There is little point enrolling on a course in Business Finance if you have little skill with numbers.

What are your option’s?

Once you have a broad idea of what it is you want to do then look at the options available to you that incorporate that choice, for example you want to study writing but will that be creative writing, journalism etc. and then start looking at colleges to see what courses they offer and what facilities they have to support you on your educational journey. Once again this may involve a small amount of common sense, consider the bigger picture when it comes to choosing your college, such as travel to and from, hours of study and so on. The likelihood is that if your chosen college is a four hour journey away then you may not end up getting the best out of it and will struggle to fore fill the requirements.

Attend open day’s

The simplest way to see if a college is right for you is to attend and open day,choosing college look at the campus and talk to the tutors, tell them your background and why you want to do the course, it may be that they don’t feel your experience or reason are realistic and might offer you an alternative route, take my first example, if you have your heart set on a career in Business Finance then perhaps a short introduction to Maths may be the best place to start.

If you are indeed one of those people who are sure what they want to do then you need to be sure of your career path, what courses you need to start with and where that will take you later on until you reach your goal, some of these can be extensive so talk to your careers advisor or tutor about the options. At the end of the day they are the experts but you also need to ensure the course you choose is the right one for you, if it’s part time does it fit around work hours or any other commitments you might have, like children.

Finance options

The other big one is finance options, if you are leaving school then great because you will get in free, but it’s also worth remembering you will need equipment and books, for some courses such as science courses there may be a lot so look at finance options with the college and your careers advisor. If you are an adult learner then you need to be sure of all the charges that apply and how being a student may affect any benefits you receive. Once you have chosen your course, enrolled and started you might find that it’s not what you expected and that you are struggling, or maybe something else in life has popped up and you need to stop your course, either way make sure you talk to your tutor, there are always options.




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