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Choosing a university course


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Choosing a university course is a huge decision to make. Your choice must take into account multiple factors: the subject, the university, your financial situation and career prospects in the future. Firstly, you must decide if you actually want to go to university, independent of pressures from family, friends and teachers. There are multiple other options, such as taking an apprenticeship/ internship or going straight into work, you must decide what’s best for you. If university is truly something you wish to partake in and experience then here is how you can pick the perfect course for you.

What Interests You?

It’s crucial that you pick a topic that interests you as you will be utterly focused on and immersed in this subject for years. List the subjects that you enjoy, perhaps these are subjects you took at school, at A level, at college or that you do as a hobby. Consider jobs you’ve always been interesting in doing, or that you could see yourself doing for a long time in the future. You must also be realistic about the entry requirements and amount of dedication University takes. Competitive courses are extremely difficult to secure a place on, and so you must be honest about your abilities. Once you have an array of subjects you can begin to narrow the choices down.

Research Your Subject and Course Choice

choosing the right university courseDelve into the world of your chosen subject(s). Research on the Internet, in newspapers, perhaps even email, call or meet with people who have taken the course or one similar to it, or even that are in the profession you are looking to enter. If you have a particular course in mind then review the course content, classes, methods, tasks and criteria to see if it’s for you. There are thousands of courses, if you’ve found a subject you like but the content doesn’t appeal to you there will surely be a similar one that is more suitable. You must also consider the length of your course. Is two years too short or four years too long? Are you interested in a Foundation Degree, doing a part-time course? These are factors you must consider.

Review The Campus

It’s important that you pick the course for you, not the campus. Try not to base your university choice on what is most convenient or where your friends are going. That said, it is important you like the campus you’ll be spending a lot of time at. There are always stats available online so you can check how well your chosen university does overall, and there will also be opinions and reviews available from past or current students. If possible, visit the campus before you make a commitment. You can have a look around, get a feel for the place, speak to students and teachers, and maybe even sit in on lectures for your subject.

Consider Career Prospects

Income, stress level, job security, responsibilities and of course if you will enjoy the career, are all things you should take into consideration. It’s also more difficult to get a job after particular degrees; there are many courses where over 30% of graduates are not employed in a career relevant to their course after six months. However, there are studies such as nursing that almost guarantee a relevant career after graduation, with more than 88% securing placements. You could choose the most obscure course and you will still have 50% of job vacancies available to you.



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