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Coping with redundancy

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Coping with redundancy can be difficult; losing your job often comes as a huge shock and it can be hard to deal with. It’s important to try and stay positive and focus on the next stage of your life, even if that seems uncertain. There are ways in which you can cope with the stresses of redundancy and concentrate on searching for a new challenge.

How does redundancy affect you?

Being made redundant can affect you in a number of ways, both physically and emotionally. Our careers define who we are and give us a reason to get up in the morning. When this is suddenly taken away, it can feel like part of you has been destroyed. Losing your job can have a serious impact on your confidence levels and self-esteem and makes you feel vulnerable. If you have no savings to fall back on, the loss of an income can be a huge financial burden, which will mean you’re more stressed and desperate to find another position.

coping with redundacy

It can be all too easy to hide away from everyone and feel sorry for yourself, but this isn’t going to help you move forward. Instead you need to look and feel positive, as this will give you a better chance of finding a new job.

Turn around the negatives

Redundancy is undoubtedly a negative point in your life, but that doesn’t mean you have to make it worse than it already is. Remaining upbeat and accepting what’s happened to you is a much better way of dealing with the situation. If you spend all your day worrying about what’s already happened, you could miss out on vital job opportunities.

Job losses have unfortunately become all too common during the economic downturn, so you can’t blame yourself. There was nothing that you could have done differently, but you can find something better.

Don’t hide away

It’s important during any stressful period in your life to have the support of your family and friends and redundancy is no different. You need to share what’s happened to you with as many people as possible, rather than keeping secrets and dealing with everything yourself. Those close to you won’t judge you based on your job and could be the source of useful information and support.

It can be hard losing your social network at work, but it’s important to stay in touch with colleagues in the industry. Many job opportunities are filled by word of mouth, so let people know that you’re looking for work.

Make time for yourself

Don’t let your job search consume your whole life. It’s important to concentrate on yourself and your family as well. Try and stick to a daily routine and fit your job search around a normal work day. This will help you to stay focussed and motivated. When the rest of the family are at home on the weekends, make some time to have fun. You still need to enjoy yourselves and it doesn’t have to cost anything.

coping with redundancy

Ensure that you look after yourself physically as well; otherwise you won’t have the energy for a sustained job search. Getting enough sleep every night is important for maintaining concentration and energy throughout the day. Exercise and fresh air can also have a positive effect, so try to go for a walk at lunchtime to perk you up.

Hopefully your job hunting will be brief and successful. Even if it takes longer than expected, following these simple tips should keep you positive and focused on the future



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